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Charge cell phones and other devices securely while you wait

About Zola Technology

Our Company specializes in the vending machine industry.

Our  experience and background provide the best service and quality to our customers.  This innovative Floor Stand Phone Charging Station integrates deposit locker, phone charger and advertising displayer as "three-in-one", so that people can connect their cell phone to charge, they can either stay there watching advertising videos or walk away to shop

around.  They do not need to stand near machine

to monitor their cell phone. This Phone Charging

Station is mainly targeted for self-service cell

phone charge in unsupervised or semi-supervised

positions. such as tourism, health care, hospitals,

restaurants, financial services,  shopping malls,

universities, airports, gas stations, railway stations

and other public areas.

Zola Technology - phone, mobile devices charging station


Products / Services


Zola Technology is proud to present a table top charging machine

for digital devices.


Features of the Phone Charging Station include:

  • High quality Li-ion battery, over 800 times life cycle
  • Can charge up to 4 digital products at the same time
  • Free advertisment is workable to place on both side of the power bank
  • With synchronous rectification PCBA
  • Intelligent protection circuit
  • Complies with environmental requirements
  • Ce,Rohs,FCC certificates
  • Suitable for  coffe or tea shops, banks, restaurants, bars, security companies and other public places.



Zola Technology is proud to present the new floor

standing phone charging machine


Features of the Phone Charging Station include:

  •  Universal Charging
  •  Secured Electronic Lockers
  •  Advertising Platform
  •  Cash/Card payment
  •  Both wall mount and floor stand options are available
  •  CE, FCC, RoHS certificates



Product Name







Charging Cases


Charge Plugs




Steel Body



UPS Batter Management

Indoor floor standing cell phone charging kiosk


7" touch screen (for menu, password, fingerprint)



Credit card


8 - 12 lockers


IPhone4s/5s/6/Ipad, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG Blackberry, Motorola mobile phones, etc. (easy to change the lines


High-quality steel material, solid structure, various painting colors available


1-4 hours back up power for opening lockers


  • Offer various charging plugs so it can charge all cell phones in market, including iPhone 3/4/4S/5/5S, iPad, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry and etc.
  • 6 secured lockers to ensure your cell phone is charging under a safe environment
  • LED light inside lockers
  • 5 inch screen displays operation instruction
  • stainless steel keypad for operation
  • LED lighting box for advertisement use
  • Both Free Mode and Pay Mode software are available, charging report function available
  • Steel body: High-quality steel material, solid structure, Patented Design, various painting colors available



  • 1) coin acceptor
  • 2) bill acceptor
  • 3) card reader
  • 4) LCD advertising player

How to Use

Charging a mobile phone


If no spot is open for charging, the screen will display which unit become available next and the waiting time

Select the charging time

The screen will display the charging time and cost

15 min - $3.75

30 min - $5.00

60 min - $9.69

Payment (option of coin, banknote, credit card

After making payment the system will ask for password choice or use of fingerprint

(customer choice)

After the recognition of the password or fingerprint

After the recognition, the system will note which box is available.  Open door and insert your mobile phone or device, select the charging line, close door, begin charging

Remove phone, close door

End process

Removing mobile phone or device

To remove phone

The standby time of the system is +5 minutes and the door will be open.  If the standby time is <5 minutes,it will free and the door will open after  you type the password or fingerprint.


The door can't open and the system will display:

pls pay money first

5min <standbytime <15min costs $1

15min <standby time <30min costs $2

Need to make the payment to increase charging time.

Type the password or fingerprint, then the door will open

Door will open, remove mobile device

End process

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